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      Entities of power
      Entities of power

      Entities of power

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      Αποστολή σε 2-5 εργάσιμες ημέρες
      A book of modern mythology
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      Entities of power

      A book of modern mythology

      Συγγραφέας: Mario M Plousiou
      Εκδόσεις : Συμπαντικές Διαδρομές
      ISBN : 978-960-607-383-0
      Έτος έκδοσης: 2023
      Διαθεσιμότητα: Κυκλοφορεί
      Εξώφυλλο: Μαλακό εξώφυλλο
      Σχήμα: 21x14
      Σελίδες: 272

      A scientist who tries to use his evil power for good, a bullied man who tries to compete with a beloved superhero for affection, a bootlegger with supernatural abilities dodging the police during the prohibition, a greaser who races against the devil to save his hometown, a fierce warrior who may be more than meets the eye, a young girl who discovers a corruptive power, a Faustian deal between a scientist and a mysterious stranger with the future of humanity at stake, a narcissistic space explorer who must put his ego aside to save the lives of thousands, an ex-crime boss turned hero who wants to become more than human, a superhero facing an enemy with a dark secret…

      Ten stories of the eternal battle between good vs evil, gifts becoming curses and the triumph of resolution.

      Journey into a modern mythology that describes the chronicles of these entities of power…

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      Πλουσίου Μάριος Μ
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